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Lucky Stiff’ is an offbeat, hilarious musical murder mystery farce, based on the novel by Michael Butterworth’s, ‘The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo’. Harry Witherspoon, who works in a shoe shop, often dreams of a better life. Little does he know that all is about to change, but in rather a strange way! Harry is the sole beneficiary of his American uncle, Anthony Hendon’s estate, worth 6 million dollars. However, there are certain conditions to this will that he must carry out before he will receive the full estate. Part of the conditions of the will is to fulfil his Uncle Tony’s last wishes. This includes taking his uncle on a holiday to Monte Carlo along with a mysterious heart shaped box. Hot on his heels, is Annabel Glick from the Universal Dog Home of Brooklyn and should Harry default on any of his uncle’s wishes, the entire inheritance will go to the dogs’ home! A show full of fun and craziness that demands nothing more than that you have a good time!