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Membership of the Bob Hope Theatre is open to everyone.

You do not have to be a Member of the Theatre to audition, but if you are cast

in a production you must pay your Membership fee at the first rehearsal.

Membership: £10.00 Members must be 18 or over

Show fees: £20 for the season regardless of how many productions are involved.

The maximum payable for the season will therefore be £30 including membership.

Click here for information on the Bob Hope Theatre Actors’ Company

Click here for useful information when auditioning at The Bob Hope Theatre


Forthcoming Auditions

Calendar Girls: the Musical

by Gary Barlow and Tim Firth

Production Dates: Wednesday 2nd to Saturday 5th March 2022

Directed by Jennifer Sims, Musical Director Nicole Johnson

Auditions will be held in the Bob Hope Theatre bar on the following dates:

Monday, November 1st 2021 at 7.30pm

Auditions for all women’s roles with the exception of Jenny.

Annie, Chris, Cora, Celia, Ruth, Jessie, Marie, Barbara Hulse, Lady Cravenshire, Miss Wilson (Tea), Miss Wilson (Coffee)

Thursday, November 4th 2021

7.30 pm Auditions for Danny, Jenny and Tommo (all teenagers)

8.00 pm Auditions for all other men  - John, Rod, Colin, Denis, Lawrence

Click here for character details and full Audition Notice