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The New Stagers are the Bob Hope Theatre’s youth drama group for those 11 - 16 years old


When I first joined New Stagers my first play was Animal Farm. I adapted the Peter Hall play which was performed by the National Theatre in 1984. I wanted to give a new light to the play whilst still keeping to the original ideas of George Orwell. There will be no masks or walking on all fours. The animals will be portrayed as if they were dealing with the story line as it occurs in today’s world.


The New Stagers will work through the story and their views and ideas will be reflected in the script.

Animal Farm is a powerful play with a strong message but isn’t short on humour and if the New Stagers shows have been anything to go by you are in for an excellent evening of entertainment. The New Stagers always reflect a range of youngsters and they all work together to give you a wonderful production. We only hope that George Orwell will be smiling down not turning in his grave.

  Sheila Ingram (Director).

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