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Please make sure you are booking for the correct Team

Book for  CHARLTON TEAM - Friday 27th October at 7.45pm Book for  PENGE TEAM - Saturday 28th October at 12.00pm Book for  BROMLEY TEAM - Thursday 2nd November at 7.45pm Book for  DULWICH TEAM - Wednesday 1st November at 7.45pm Book for ELTHAM TEAM - Tuesday 31st October at 7.45pm Book for  PENGE TEAM - Monday 30th October at 7.45pm Book for  CHARLTON TEAM - Sunday 29th October at 5.00pm Book for ELTHAM TEAM - Sunday 29th October at 2.00pm Book for  BROMLEY TEAM - Saturday 28th October at 6.00pm Book for DULWICH TEAM - Saturday 28th October at 3.30pm