The following productions were presented at The Bob Hope Theatre in 2004

Unless otherwise stated, all productions are by the resident drama group - BHT




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JANUARY CINDERELLA - A tale for all time John Goodwin  
Director: John Goodwin
MD: Andy Hall
Choreography: Charlie Dudley
Producer: Jim Shepherd
Cast List (pdf)
February All Stars Extravaganza   Allstars    
March Bugsy Malone   New Stagers  Dir: Chris Williams

MD: Rob Priddle

March Fiddler on the Roof    TEPOS    
March Bel Canto   Michelle Crozier and Friends Michelle Crozier  
March Kids

Blue Suede Blues

John Morgan

Diana Raffle

Maggi Law  Cast (pdf)
April Annie   Footlights Daniel Stockton  
April Cowardy Custard   Bromley O S  
April Jack the Ripper   Sidcup O S Dir: Chris Williams

MD: Jan Winstone/ Derek Barnes

May After the Rain     Dave Norman  Cast (pdf)
May Princess Ida Gilbert & Sullivan Ferrier O S    
June The Winslow Boy     Susan Owen  Cast (pdf)
June Encore! Encore!!   Ravensbourne LOS    
June Dance Show   Theatre Train    
July Singin' in the Rain     Dir: Chris Williams

MD: Jan Winstone/Derek Barnes



July Dance Show   Kent Academy    
July Dance Show   Theatre Street    
September Dance Show   Bexleyheath SOD    
October The New Stagers present....   New Stagers Barry White

with additional direction and scripts by the New Stagers

October Pal Joey   Theatre Productions    
October The Wiz   Footlights Daniel Stockton  
November Mort Terry Pratchett   Kevin O'Donnell  Programme (pdf)
November Anything Goes   Hulviz Dir: Barbara Archer  
December Peter Pan

27th December to commemorate Peter Pan's 100th Anniversary

Pier Chater-Robinson Dir: Ian Hamilton

MD: Rob Priddle

Cast (pdf)