The following productions were presented at The Bob Hope Theatre in 2012

Unless otherwise stated, all productions are by the resident drama group - BHT




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 January  Cinderella  Roger Cryer


 Dir: Roger Cryer

 MD: Keith Ewins

 Choreographer: Susie Clarke

 February   13     Eldorado Youth Productions    
 March  Caught in the Net  Ray Cooney    Paul Marshall  
 March  Jack the Ripper  Ron Pember &

 Denis de Marne

 TEPOS MUSIC BOX  Dir: Barbara Archer

 MD: Alan Thompson

 March  Acorn Antiques - The Musical  Victoria Wood Eldorado Musical Productions  Dir: Jane Kerfoot

 MD: Richard Cooper

 March  The Magic of the Musicals - Live   Guest Charity Production    
 April  The Swing Commanders    The Swing Commanders    
 April  Imagine - The Beatles    Tribute Band    
 April Hello Dolly!  Michael Stewart

 & Jerry Herman

 Sidcup Operatic Society  Dir: Chris Williams


 April  Chess  Tim Rice, Bjorn Ulvaeus

 Benny Andresson

 Bromley Players  Dir: Sheila Arden

 MD: Hannah Ockenden-Rowe

 Choreog: Caroline Essenhigh

 May  Brassed off  Paul Allen    Dir: Jennifer Sims  
 May  The Yeomen of the Guard  Gilbert/Sullivan  Ferrier Operatic Society  Dir: Michael Enscott

 MD: Philip M Enscott

 June Bernard Tilley Entertains        
 June  Jubillee Film Festival        
 June  Shane Hampshier - Young Sinatra    Shane Hampshier  Shane Hampshier  
 June  Bugsy Malone  Alan Parker. Paul Williams  Liz Burville Performing Arts Ac.  Liz Burville  
 July  Going for Gold in 2012  Sheila Ingram  The New Stagers  Dir: Sheila Ingram  
 September  Outside Edge  Richard Harris    Andy Noakes  
 October  Further Beyond Broadway    Eldorado Musical Productions

 Dir/Choreog: Jo Butler

 MD: Martin Cleave

 Asst. Chor: Shan Lawrence

 October  All About The Voice  Steve Hewlett (Ventriloquist);  Maddi Cryer (Singing Impressionist) and Paul Adams (Comedian)    Paul Adams  
 October  Peter Pan - The Musical  Music: George Stiles; Lyrics: Anthony Drew; Book by Willis Hall  Bromley Players

 Director: Sarah McPartlan

 Choreog: Jackie Langridge &  Lydia Penn

 November  Wuthering Heights  Emily Bronte - Adapted by April de Angelis    Director: Wendy Reynolds  
 December  Shane Hampshier's Christmas Swingalong    Shane Hampshier  Shane Hampshier  
 December  Bob Hope theatre Christmas Special featuring Lewisham Concert Band      Jennifer Sims  
 December  Dick Whittington and his Cat  Peter Long

 Keith Rawnsley

   Dir: Chris Williams

 Choreography: Alicia Thompson