The following productions were presented at Eltham Little Theatre in 1962




Drama Group  






January TREASURE ISLAND (continued) Stevenson/Bryce Company of Players N Bryce
January A JAZZ CONCERT   Owen Bryce  
February A TASTE OF HONEY Delaney Company of Players J Ace
February ODD MAN IN Magnier/Maugham Company of Players R Clark
March THE SHOP AT SLY CORNER Percy Moonrakers W Carver
March L'ELISIR D'AMORE Donizetti Intimate Opera Club S Pine/ J Camburn
April WALTZ OF THE TOREADORS Anouilh Kerwin Players C Hunt
April SIMON AND LAURA Melville Mottingham Players G Piper
May YEOMAN OF THE GUARD Gilbert and Sullivan Eltham Opera Group G Speedman/R Taylor
May AN ITALIAN STRAW HAT Labiche Company of Players J Ace/ M Wedderburn
June Dance Recital   Molly O'Brien School  
June AS LONG AS THEY'RE HAPPY Sylvaine Moonrakers W Carver
July THE HOSTAGE Behan Kerwin Players N Bryce
July Dance Recital    Doris Dorbon School  
September/October THE BOY FRIEND Wilson Company of Players R Clark/ S Farrand/    J Grayson
October Talent Contest "TOP TWENTY"       
November MISS HOOK OF HOLLAND Rubens/Hurgon Eltham Opera Group E Wynn Jones/  R Taylor
November THE MATCHMAKER Wilder Moonrakers W Carver
December THE CHERRY ORCHARD Chekov Kerwin Players C Hunt
December ROBINSON CRUSOE Arnold Company of Players M Wedderburn/ C Walworth