The following productions were presented at Eltham Little Theatre in 1961




Drama Group  






January ALICE L Carroll/M Purves Company of Players M & R Purves
February THE CHALK GARDEN Bagnold Kerwin Players M Jones
February YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU Hart and Kaufman Moonrakers W Carver
March THE CRUCIBLE A Miller Kerwin Players N Bryce
March Dance Recital   Molly O'Brien School  
April DER FREISCHUTZ Weber Intimate Opera Club S Pine/J Camburn
May THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE Gilbert and Sullivan Eltham Opera Group G Speedman/     R Taylor
May ALL MY SONS A Miller Company of Players W Carver
June AFTER MY FASHION D Morgan Moonrakers W Carver
June RAPE OF THE BELT Levy Kerwin Players C Hunt
July Revue: LET'S FACE IT D Long &  J Reid   J Reid
September THE LADY'S NOT FOR BURNING Fry Kerwin Players N Bryce
October BUS STOP Inge Company of Players J Edwards
November THE GEISHA Jones Eltham Opera Group F Doran/R Taylor
December SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER Goldsmith Moonrakers W Carver
December TREASURE ISLAND Stevenson/Bryce Company of Players N Bryce