The following productions were presented at Eltham Little Theatre in 1960




Drama Group  






January THE ENCHANTED WALTZ F Davis Company of Players G Palmer/F Davis
February DANGEROUS CORNER Priestley Moonrakers W Carver
February Dance Recital Molly O'Brien School
February WISHING WELL E Eynon Evans Company of Players G Russell
March THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR Shakespeare Kerwin Players C Hunt
April An Evening of Opera Intimate Opera Club S Pine/ J Camburn
April RUDDIGORE Gilbert and Sullivan Eltham Opera Group P Grafton/R Taylor
May LA TRAVIATA Verdi Intimate Opera Club S Pine/J Camburn
May WOMEN OF TWILIGHT Rayman Company of Players J Edwards
June BONAVENTURE Hastings Moonrakers W Carver
June MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL (at local churches) Eliot Kerwin Players N Bryce
July FULL P-ELT REVUE F Davis Company of Players F Davis
September BUSMAN'S HONEYMOON Sayers Company of Players D Jones
October OLD TIME MUSIC HALL (At Woolwich Town Hall) Company of Players R Philp
October EPITAPH FOR GEORGE DILLON Osborne Kerwin Players J Edwards
November FREE AS AIR Slade/Reynolds Eltham Opera Group R Clark/RTaylor
November OLD TIME MUSIC HALL (Repeat) Company of Players R Philp
November CLAUDIA Franken Moonrakers W Carver
December DIARY OF ANNE FRANK Frank/Goodrich, Hackett Kerwin Players C Hunt
December ALICE L Carroll/M Purves Company of Players M & R Purves