The following productions were presented at Eltham Little Theatre in 1959




Drama Group  

Producer Library





January JACK AND THE BEANSTALK (continued) J Tapp Company of Players W Carver Production picture
January Dance Recital Molly O'Brien School  
February AN AFTERNOON ON THE LAKE Elwell Moonrakers Y Capper  
February LADY FROM ALFAQUEQUE Quintero Moonrakers Y Capper  
February THE TRIAL OF MARY DUGAN Veiller Company of Players G Russell  
March A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM Shakespeare Kerwin Players M Haisman  
April MARTHA Flotow Intimate Opera Club S.Pine/ J Cambourn  
May LOOK BACK IN ANGER Osborne Company of Players A Grimley  
May THE GONDOLIERS Gilbert and Sullivan Eltham Opera Group Lowe/Taylor  
June HEAVEN AND CHARING CROSS Danvers-Walker Moonrakers Y Capper  
June SAILOR BEWARE P King & F Cary Kerwin Players P Spalding  
July MY THREE ANGELS Spewack Company of Players M Wedderburn  
September THE TAMING OF THE SHREW Shakespeare Company of Players W Carver  
October THE BIG KNIFE Odets Kerwin Players R Wilkinson  
October THE RELUCTANT DEBUTANTE Home Moonrakers Y Capper  
November ALWAYS VIENNA (Revival) Davis Eltham Opera Group F Davis/R Taylor  
November THE LOVE OF FOUR COLONELS Ustinov Kerwin Players M Haisman