The following productions were presented at Eltham Little Theatre in 1958




Drama Group  

Producer Library





January PUSS IN BOOTS (continued) J Tapp Company of Players A R Edwards  
February DEAD ON NINE Popplewell Mottingham Players E.Yeomans  
February STAGE DOOR Ferber & Kaufman Company of Players W.Carver  
March WAITING FOR GILLIAN Millar Moonrakers C. Scott  
March MAD WOMAN OF CHAILLOT Girandoux Kerwin Players J. Marsh  
April Dance Festival Adjudicator: Miss Sargeant  
April MASKED BALL Verdi Intimate Opera Club S.Pine/ J Cambourn  
May LILAC TIME Schubert-Clutsam Eltham Opera Group F Davis/R Taylor  
May SIMON AND LAURA Melville Moonrakers C. Scott  
June SEPARATE TABLES Rattigan Kerwin Players E Hazleton  
June SEE HOW THEY RUN King Company of Players G. Russell  
July Dance Recital Molly O'Brien School  
Sept/October SWEENEY TODD Company of Players A R Edwards  
October THE RAINMAKER Nash Kerwin Players N Bryce  
October SABRINA FAIR Taylor Mottingham Players E Yeomans  
Oct/Nov FOR BETTER, FOR WORSE Watkyn Moonrakers C Scott/A Baker  
November JOURNEY'S END Sherriff Company of Players N McHarrie  
November HOUSE BY THE LAKE Mills Kerwin Players M Haisman  
December JACK AND THE BEANSTALK J Tapp Company of Players W Carver  Production  picture