The following productions were presented at Eltham Little Theatre in 1957




Drama Group  






January ALADDIN (continued) Samuel   A More
January THE LITTLE FOXES      
February Castle Blount, A Christmas Carol, Pinnochio   Rose Bruford Training College  
March THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER Hart Kaufman Kerwin Players J March
March POWER WITHOUT GLORY Hutton LCC Staff Club J Rhoden
March HAY FEVER Coward Moonrakers W Carver
April TRIAL BY JURY and HMS PINAFORE Gilbert and Sullivan Eltham Opera Group Langmead/Taylor
May IL TRAVATORE Verdi Intimate Opera Club Carstairs/Camburn
June THE ROMANTIC YOUNG LADY Sierra Company of Players A Shanahan
June A MURDER HAS BEEN ARRANGED Williams Moonrakers C Scott
June SUMMERTIME Betti Kerwin Players K Gardner
July Dance Recital   Molly O'Brien School  
September MARIA MARTEN   Company of Players A R Edwards
October WINTERSET M Anderson Kerwin Players N McHarrie
October MARIA MARTEN (repeat)   Company of Players A R Edwards
November LITTLE LAMBS EAT IVY N Langley Moonrakers C Scott
November JUNO AND THE PAYCOCK S O'Casey Dartford New Theatre A Tiptaft
December I HAVE FIVE DAUGHTERS Macnamara Kerwin Players E Baddock
December PUSS IN BOOTS J Tapp Company of Players A R Edwards